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Vaportrail Electronic Cigarettes. Buffalo, NY's premier Vape Shop, E-liquids, Vaping Supplies, Vapor Lounge, Online store and so much more! | All About Vapor Trail
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All About Vapor Trail

Vapor Trail Electronics Inc. is a local and online retailer of electronic cigarettes and accessories in South Buffalo, NY.  Established in 2011, Vapor Trail is the trusted source for vaping supplies in Western, NY.  We have played a major role in the rapid growth of vaping in Western New York, and we’ve also helped to create a community that supports over 50 local vapeshops.

If you’re considering dumping your traditional cigarettes and giving “vaping” a try, the crew at Vapor Trail will be happy to assist you in getting setup with the right product for you, at the right price.  We specialize in a variety of starter kits, and the liquid refills are U.S. made; right here in Buffalo, NY.

After opening our first retail shop, Vapor Trail began the vaporeality (vWo) series on YouTube.  This series captures the hectic world of Vapor Trail and focuses on the vaping community in general.  These “Vaporeality” episodes have given a national name and face to the Vapor Trail and the owners. This has helped to create more vaping awareness worldwide, which is the main objective of the vWo series.

In November of 2013, after a succesful push at Vapercon 3 in Richmond, VA, the Vapor Trail Online Store was born.  Our premium line of eliquids and other vaping related products are available nationwide at the all new

Don’t pay the mall prices and don’t fall for online/radio/TV scams!  Trust Vapor Trail and!

Maybe you’re here for VAPOR REALITY…


What began as a fun way to interact with local Vapor Trail customers has quickly evolved into the talk of the vaping community!

Andrew and CJ from Vapor Trail have created a comedy reality series based around the Vapor Trail shop.  In a world of device and juice reviews, the Vapor Trail video series is a light-hearted and funny look behind the scenes of Vaping.

What’s the history of Vapor Trail?


In 2006, Charles “CJ” Johnston recieved his first ecigarette as a gift. The next day he threw his traditional cigarettes in the trash and took up a new lifestyle that would soon come to be known as “vaping”.  Being close friends with CJ, Andrew Osborne was curious about this new hobby, but was hesitant to try vaping for himself. In 2010, Andrew bought his first starter kit and began to convert to vaping himself. This led the boys to experiment with making their own liquids and try a variety of different products, educating themselves and beginning to grow into vape-experts.

Later that year, Vapor Trail was born as a small stand at the Walden Super Flea market in Cheektowaga, NY. Andrew and CJ, the owners, used this small outlet to start building a local vaping customer base and community.
On October 31, 2011, Vapor Trail proudly opened its first retail location at 2277 South Park Ave. in Buffalo, NY. If you’re already a vaper, you’ll be pleased to find the great service and high-quality products in a convenient location.
Andrew and CJ are some of the most knowledgable people in the industry, and they specialize in helping people make the transition from traditional “analog” cigarettes.  Our shops are “purposely overstaffed” to ensure the highest level of service whether you’re new to vaping or a seasoned vaper that’s building thier own coils.
Stop in to Vapor Trail today and see what the hype is all about!

So just who is VAPOR TRAIL?

Charles Johnston (AKA CJ or “The Bad Guy”)
CJ is an easy going ball-buster who is always good for a laugh. The customers love his honest sales approach and his upbeat personality. His comfortable demeanor and party animal attitude are masked by a tough-guy exterior that often leaves many people pleasantly surprised upon meeting him for the first time.  CJ is basically “Grandfather Vapor” considering that we’ve yet to meet anyone whose been vaping longer than The Bad Guy.
Andrew Osborne (AKA Andy, Oz, Drew, or Ozzy Mac)
Andrew is the loud-mouth, loose-cannon at the Vapor Trail shop. He’s always good for a friendly debate, or a passionate rant if you catch him at the right time.  Andrew’s obnoxious attitude and personality are perfectly offset by his professional touch and strong communication skill. He’s also known to break every ecigarette and PV that he touches, which makes him the expert when it comes to testing out new products before they become available to customers.



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